Bad Writing Advice – Probably

I missed the #NationalWritingDay to impart some kid of wisdom – which I wish I had in the first place. However, two bits of advice come to the fore. This is mainly because my older daughter is currently writing and illustrating a book of her own and knows Mummy can knock a few sentences together.… Continue reading Bad Writing Advice – Probably


Poem: Took Off the Lid

I built a dream around you I fucking did Shook up my life Then took off the lid   I made you shine in my mind Each bit of you was brilliance I worshipped you You just saw me as a convenience   I left myself behind I fucking did Shook up my life Then… Continue reading Poem: Took Off the Lid


Happy 200th Birthday, Branwell Brontë

I didn't remember to wish any of the Brontë siblings a happy birthday on here yet, so today, as it is their only brothers birthday, I thought I'd acknowledge it. Branwell Brontë is 200 years old today. He was a rather troubled soul that many see as a tragic character who always seemed to lose… Continue reading Happy 200th Birthday, Branwell Brontë


Happy 6th Birthday to My Blog

Continuous Strings has been around for six years now, how awesome is that? It has helped me express myself in a way that has kept me encouraged to write. I just wish I could win the lottery, buy a flat in Whitby and just spend six months writing... That is how much a I love… Continue reading Happy 6th Birthday to My Blog


Thing 1 & 2: 23 Things for Digital Knowledge

My manager came across a course ran by the University of Edinburgh called "23 Things for Digital Knowledge" and felt it was something I could do for personal development (my role, like so many these days, is leaning towards more digital output). It is a step-by-step programme, mainly aimed at their own staff and students (but… Continue reading Thing 1 & 2: 23 Things for Digital Knowledge