Happy 200th Birthday, Branwell Brontë

I didn't remember to wish any of the Brontë siblings a happy birthday on here yet, so today, as it is their only brothers birthday, I thought I'd acknowledge it. Branwell Brontë is 200 years old today. He was a rather troubled soul that many see as a tragic character who always seemed to lose… Continue reading Happy 200th Birthday, Branwell Brontë

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Jo Cox: A Yorkshire Lass That Inspired

Why. No question mark, no inference that there is more to follow: just WHY. I heard today to my horror, that local MP Jo Cox was cold bloodedly murdered in Birstall, West Yorkshire, as she finished her advice clinic in a local library. She was a 41 year old married mother of two young girls,… Continue reading Jo Cox: A Yorkshire Lass That Inspired


Haworth’s Graveyard & Having Respect

I want to share some interesting and fairly good news, about something that upset and angered me inspiring me to write to the powers that be about it. Here’s the background though. Haworth is beautiful. I adore going there, the people are lovely, the place is an idyll in the throbbing and heaving life that swirls… Continue reading Haworth’s Graveyard & Having Respect