Violet-Grace Youens – An Angel Too Soon

In St Helens, Merseyside in the north of England, it was a brilliant, sunny day. The air was still cold as April tried to shake off her winter coat and begin to bask in the warmth of her sister May’s arrival. April, though, for all of her spring flowers and newborn animals, held to her… Continue reading Violet-Grace Youens – An Angel Too Soon

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A Chorus of Crazies

Stephen Fry – actor, writer and national treasure – recently left Twitter, a platform he had been so synonymous with. This decision came in light of the negative attention he drew by making a somewhat droll remark about a winner at the recent Bafta awards. Keyboard warriors in their droves booted off about how mean… Continue reading A Chorus of Crazies

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Lucy & Bryonie’s Story

It is my eldest daughters 8th Birthday today in heaven. They passed away in April and May 2007. Not a moment goes by when we do not love them, miss them or want them. They are everything, just like their two little rainbow sisters. This was written in 2007, just after my eldest daughter passed… Continue reading Lucy & Bryonie’s Story


Titanic’s Children

I originally wrote this blog over on one of my other blogs last year. This is my formal writing blog, for all the stuff that moves or annoys me personally, I blog anonymously elsewhere. Not because I don't want to own my ideas, it's because people who know you think you're aiming it at them… Continue reading Titanic’s Children