The Ever Evolving Blog

Periodically, I tend to just get terribly bored of the way my blog looks, so I recently threw caution to the wind and changed the theme and form. It took me a long time to get it how I wanted it (even then, I am not completely enamoured). It needs to happen though – I… Continue reading The Ever Evolving Blog


Thing 5: Emoji’s and Diversity

Thing 5 asks you to consider the impact of diverse representation via the emojis we all know and love. I wrote a blog about the impact of emoji’s taking over how we write things, certainly in a colloquial manner. I remember when it was in the news not so long ago, regarding the ability to… Continue reading Thing 5: Emoji’s and Diversity

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EE vs Vodafone, No Contest ( & No Bacon)

I’m due an upgrade on my mobile phone, so of course, I have been looking at the handsets I really want. I don’t really look until I am due an upgrade. Heaven forfend I find one I fall in love with and can’t have because it will cost the earth to upgrade early. I am… Continue reading EE vs Vodafone, No Contest ( & No Bacon)