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William the Viral Worm

With our newsfeeds seemingly set to 'miserable', it is sometimes hard to see the light when it comes to the news. Then, when something light-hearted wanders into the spotlight somehow, people decry it with "is this news?!" And "go report on something more important!". I say we need the lighter, brighter and fluffier side of… Continue reading William the Viral Worm

Short Story

Short Story: Interrupted

PLEASE NOTE: This story is not be suitable for younger or sensitive readers as grown up themes, strong language and subjects are dealt with below. Thank you. This was the fight of her life. He’d actually leapt at her this time, pinning her with the finesse and precision of a professional wrestler taking down an equally matched… Continue reading Short Story: Interrupted

Short Story

Short Story: The Exploding Bedroom

The room exploded. Pens, dirty clothes, CD’s, a chair, bedding - all shot about in a whirlwind of rage. At the centre of it, a malevolent entity, filled with such a damning ferocity that it made the blood from her head drain into her feet. Her back was to the wall and only after he… Continue reading Short Story: The Exploding Bedroom


Book Published!

I’ve published a book! An actually book! It has pages and a cover and words in it and everything! It sort of feels like hypocrisy really... is it? I mean yes, I have been published (woot!), but has that now gone against my ideals of writing for love than money? I’ve said before that writing… Continue reading Book Published!