I have a particularly tired soul right now. Although my body is weary as hell, my soul feels so heavy right now. I’ve cut off Facebook and Twitter – those who care enough about me will contact me via other mediums to see how I am or just have a chat. The problem with social… Continue reading Weary


When The Hurt Days Come

There are some days that hurt more than others, when I am reminded of the bad things that make up the history of ‘Me’. I don’t know why they do. I suppose it has something to do with triggers - like a bad dream, or a song or a time of year. Last night, I… Continue reading When The Hurt Days Come


What Does Your Heart & Soul Look Like?

I read a quote, somewhere on Facebook probably, were someone said that you should be artistic every single day. You should paint, draw, act, sing, write, compose, play, sew, knit – something. The purpose for this industry is simply an exercise in finding out what is inside of you and seeing what those insides look… Continue reading What Does Your Heart & Soul Look Like?