How I Pull Out of a Motivation Nose Dive

  I’m going to have to admit it – I haven’t been the gym for a couple of weeks and I feel so guilty about it. The guilt though, doesn’t just come from the fact that my muffin top hasn’t reduced and has more to do with the money that comes out each month for… Continue reading How I Pull Out of a Motivation Nose Dive


Mistaking Strength for Weakness

I’m a self-beater-upper. The sort that looks at the mistakes ones made and holds oneself so far accountable, that one often loses sight of the real or joint culprits. However, what I used to mistake for weakness was actually strength or a sign I’d been too strong for too long. The worst thing about realising… Continue reading Mistaking Strength for Weakness


My Journey… So Far

As a parent, you watch your child change constantly. You see the world that is them go from prehistoric to medieval to the modern era. They evolve so much, that you can’t quite see it sometimes, not without getting out the photos and looking through them. Eventually though, you come to the realisation that you… Continue reading My Journey… So Far


Poem: Wounded

I’ve been reminded over vaguely recent times, of a long ago past, or rather, the more unsavoury aspects. Never before have the words “there but for the grace of God go I” been more pertinent. Because I have been reminded of something a long time ago, I decided to dig out the poems from that… Continue reading Poem: Wounded


A Decade Since I Graduated…

This month, July 2014, marks exactly ten years since I graduated. I remember the day I received my degree results. I was working as a temp for a joinery company in Keighley in Yorkshire and I dashed home during my lunch to see if the postman had been (these were the days before reliable online… Continue reading A Decade Since I Graduated…


Less Than A Grain Of Sand

I began this blog to talk mostly about my exciting adventures into the world of writing. I’m not a great writer or a great anything truth be told. I’m very mediocre. I’m not fishing for compliments either – I have a solid idea of my self worth and that’s actually okay. I am less talented… Continue reading Less Than A Grain Of Sand