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Why I Don’t Get On With Springtime

With the advent of spring, brings the rise of hope and expectation – new life, warmer days and bluer skies, scrubbed clean by the winters clouds, snow and rain. We emerge from the winter as animals from burrows – awake and alert for the prospect of better times. That isn’t me. I’ve not always gotten… Continue reading Why I Don’t Get On With Springtime


Happy Belated New Year – An Update

Hello, Just not caught my breath since the beginning of this year. How has 2016 even happened? The years tumble with scary speed from the calendar and I can hardly think for the rush of them. Some years are better than others, of course. I can name the terrible ones: 1988, 1994, 2000, 2003, 2007,… Continue reading Happy Belated New Year – An Update


Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy & Me

Before I went to bed last night, I saw on the news that the voice of the original Trillian from the radio version of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy had passed away. Susan Sheridan, a superb actress, has sadly died at the age of 68. This is very sad news indeed and my sympathies… Continue reading Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy & Me


Still Being Taught

I was speaking to someone, who I see as an Oracle of Wisdom, so I think from now on, I will call him that: The Oracle. We were talking today about a few boring personal things with me and he made me see quite an amazing thing during that conversation. “Do you remember at any… Continue reading Still Being Taught


Grief Monster

It doesn’t matter how many times you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, it still hurts the same. Different things make you hurt, but the hurt is still there, in your heart. I wonder why we, as human beings, are engineered to physically feel emotional pain in one of our internal organs.… Continue reading Grief Monster