Little Memories

Do you ever find yourself remembering really insignificant little things from many years ago, like in childhood? I struggle to remember what I was doing last Thursday, but I can remember all of the October birthday’s from my primary school class. Even as the faces of those children fade into the obscurity of my memory,… Continue reading Little Memories


Remembering First Year Halls

The dawn of a new academic year has come and those in education in lots of places around the world, are getting stuck into that learning thing. It has been fourteen years since I piled my boxes up into my new room at Edge Hill University (or University College as it was back then) and surveyed… Continue reading Remembering First Year Halls


My Mum is in the Thunder

Each year, when I was a kid, there was a massive event in the park across the round from my house called the ‘St Helens Show’. It was always at the end of July and it was always amazing. There was a fair, tents filled with crafts and stalls, police dog shows, a plane doing… Continue reading My Mum is in the Thunder

100 Objects Project

100 Objects Project #15: The Remembrance Ring

This ring I had made when it approached the birthday of Lucy and Bryonie, a few years ago. I try and do something constructive to remember them by and one year, this was it. It’s sterling silver and their names stamped in either side of their birthstone (or a close approximation of it, it’s cubic… Continue reading 100 Objects Project #15: The Remembrance Ring


I’m Sorry, But I Can’t Remember What You Got My Child!

I am extremely grateful for everything my daughters get from doting family and friends. It is great to know that they thought of my girls and that means a lot when you are a Mum. However... there is this one aspect that bothers me: remembering who bought them what. The last time this happened to… Continue reading I’m Sorry, But I Can’t Remember What You Got My Child!


Back to Work, Remembering Robin and Peace

Hello my beautiful readership, I’ve been back at work for a couple of weeks or so now… and I’m certainly missing my babies more than I can say. I was seconded before I left for maternity leave to work on a research project at the top level, so I’m back doing my original job, which… Continue reading Back to Work, Remembering Robin and Peace