This Years Love

Hello First of all – happy 2018, may it be a really great one for you and those you love. So sorry to not be posting very often these days – change of pace of things and all that. I want to ramble on about the good, the bad and the downright mean things I… Continue reading This Years Love


Review: Together Apart by Natalie K Martin

(Pls note this review contains a trigger warning at the bottom. The review itself does not contain a trigger). Adam somehow got it wrong. Whilst on holiday, he impulsively proposed to the girl he is madly in love with – only for her to not only turn him down, but insist the relationship ends. Adam… Continue reading Review: Together Apart by Natalie K Martin

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Is It Ok to Love Again So Swiftly?

I’ve idly noticed that chart topper Taylor Swift has now hooked up with Bond-tipped actor Tom Hiddleston, just a couple of weeks or so since splitting from Calvin Harris. It just reminds me a bit of me, but then again, I was way younger than Swift when I was going through the ‘date someone for… Continue reading Is It Ok to Love Again So Swiftly?

Short Story

Short Story: Interrupted

PLEASE NOTE: This story is not be suitable for younger or sensitive readers as grown up themes, strong language and subjects are dealt with below. Thank you. This was the fight of her life. He’d actually leapt at her this time, pinning her with the finesse and precision of a professional wrestler taking down an equally matched… Continue reading Short Story: Interrupted


Hello My Beautiful Readers :) An Update

Hi It feels like an age since I did an up to date post i.e. not one I wrote months ago and put on scheduled release. How are things with you? I hope you, my fair readership, are doing really well. As for me? I’m taking life as it comes, which I guess I always… Continue reading Hello My Beautiful Readers 🙂 An Update


Looks Like We Made It

Twelve years ago today, a boy sat on a worn green bench in a bar and turned to the girl with a broken heart sat next to him. He promptly snogged her face off. Without warning and without preamble, he just got stuck in. The girl had wanted him to, but at the same time wished… Continue reading Looks Like We Made It


Just Another Day Without You…

Someone recently told me that, when you become recently bereaved, you are reminded of all of the other bereavements you have already had. Those long ago forgotten bits of hell you have (or have not) come to terms with from before, all come flooding back. There is also this horrible fear that you get. The… Continue reading Just Another Day Without You…


A Decade Since I Graduated…

This month, July 2014, marks exactly ten years since I graduated. I remember the day I received my degree results. I was working as a temp for a joinery company in Keighley in Yorkshire and I dashed home during my lunch to see if the postman had been (these were the days before reliable online… Continue reading A Decade Since I Graduated…

Emotional Memory Series

Emotional Memory Case Study 2: Forever Love

I’ve spoken about the ‘First Love’ initially in this series, simply because I am going in order of chronological experience. I experienced love for a boy when I was a teenaged girl. Then, very shortly after him, I fell in love with my ‘Forever Love’. This love isn’t feverish. It isn’t the sort of love… Continue reading Emotional Memory Case Study 2: Forever Love

Emotional Memory Series

Emotional Memory – Case Study: First Love

 I don’t need to tell you, as a fellow living and breathing human being, that there are different types of love and, therein, differing nuances. In this series, I wish to prod about my own personal experiences of emotion and examine what those experiences can do to help me as a writer. This study is… Continue reading Emotional Memory – Case Study: First Love