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Why I Don’t Get On With Springtime

With the advent of spring, brings the rise of hope and expectation – new life, warmer days and bluer skies, scrubbed clean by the winters clouds, snow and rain. We emerge from the winter as animals from burrows – awake and alert for the prospect of better times. That isn’t me. I’ve not always gotten… Continue reading Why I Don’t Get On With Springtime


My Journey… So Far

As a parent, you watch your child change constantly. You see the world that is them go from prehistoric to medieval to the modern era. They evolve so much, that you can’t quite see it sometimes, not without getting out the photos and looking through them. Eventually though, you come to the realisation that you… Continue reading My Journey… So Far

100 Objects Project

100 Objects Project #3: The 5th Diary

This item is a bit of a cheat. It should have technically come under the first item in the series, but the thing is, I lost it. It gets its own entry because I am so goddamn relieved to have found it! This is my fifth diary which looked at my late teens between December… Continue reading 100 Objects Project #3: The 5th Diary


A Decade Since I Graduated…

This month, July 2014, marks exactly ten years since I graduated. I remember the day I received my degree results. I was working as a temp for a joinery company in Keighley in Yorkshire and I dashed home during my lunch to see if the postman had been (these were the days before reliable online… Continue reading A Decade Since I Graduated…