Adulting? I’d Much Rather Read

The thing about having to ‘adult’ is that you no longer have the carefree mind-set of a kid. You have responsibilities, you have commitments… And for the most part, this is fine. Spending the rest of my life with my best friend and lover all rolled into one (my husband) has consequences. We live together… Continue reading Adulting? I’d Much Rather Read


Film: Performing Poetry – Poem ‘Touched’

Hello! Treat in store for you, fair reader... but it does depend on what you define as a 'treat' and if this qualifies as such. I have done a vlog about performing poetry - well, basically, just reading it out loud, as voicing the words on the page can sometimes bring a whole new dimension… Continue reading Film: Performing Poetry – Poem ‘Touched’

Short Story

Short Story: The Anglerfish’s Pretty Light

WARNING: This story may not be suitable for younger readers as it contains adult themes and adult language. You have been warned. The Anglerfish's Pretty Light ~ A Short Story “Beech!” he cried, whisking her up off her feet and whirling her round. She hadn’t expected it at all, but his mood had been rather… Continue reading Short Story: The Anglerfish’s Pretty Light


What If, Whitby & What It Means to Me

In the past few days, my husband and I have had our semi-regular ‘what if’ conversation. This is when we allow ourselves for several minutes to imagine what our lives would be like if our more materialistic dreams came true. They would, but of course, be reliant on a lottery win. One dream we’ve had for… Continue reading What If, Whitby & What It Means to Me