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Win My Art!

The Orlando attacks have not just disgusted me, but have made me question my fellow man. This world is a tiresome, ignorant and dark place at times. In the hope of spreading some light, sunshine and a bit of rainbow coloured solidarity, I am going to give away one of my original art pieces. It… Continue reading Win My Art!

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A Chorus of Crazies

Stephen Fry – actor, writer and national treasure – recently left Twitter, a platform he had been so synonymous with. This decision came in light of the negative attention he drew by making a somewhat droll remark about a winner at the recent Bafta awards. Keyboard warriors in their droves booted off about how mean… Continue reading A Chorus of Crazies


Tunisia Attacks

Nine years ago today, my husband and I were on our honeymoon in Tunisia. The recent attacks have left me feeling sick, confused and saddened that this is the state of the world and that there are people out there that think this is an okay thing to do. It horrifies me to think that… Continue reading Tunisia Attacks

100 Objects Project

100 Objects Project #11: A Little White Shell

A little white shell I found on the beach of Mablethorp on the Lincolnshire coast in 2012. It reminds me of one of the best holidays I have ever had in my life. Actually, it is one of two – the other being a trip to Scotland in 2011. This reminds me of being with… Continue reading 100 Objects Project #11: A Little White Shell


Poem: Wounded

I’ve been reminded over vaguely recent times, of a long ago past, or rather, the more unsavoury aspects. Never before have the words “there but for the grace of God go I” been more pertinent. Because I have been reminded of something a long time ago, I decided to dig out the poems from that… Continue reading Poem: Wounded


Back to Work, Remembering Robin and Peace

Hello my beautiful readership, I’ve been back at work for a couple of weeks or so now… and I’m certainly missing my babies more than I can say. I was seconded before I left for maternity leave to work on a research project at the top level, so I’m back doing my original job, which… Continue reading Back to Work, Remembering Robin and Peace