Little Memories

Do you ever find yourself remembering really insignificant little things from many years ago, like in childhood? I struggle to remember what I was doing last Thursday, but I can remember all of the October birthday’s from my primary school class. Even as the faces of those children fade into the obscurity of my memory,… Continue reading Little Memories

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Bringing Down the Ban Hammer on the Past

I had to join a social network again as myself, but for work purposes. I just don’t want my personal account tied up with the work related activities I need to do as part of my job. As always, I had to go through a little ritual that I go through each time I join… Continue reading Bringing Down the Ban Hammer on the Past


Hello My Beautiful Readers :) An Update

Hi It feels like an age since I did an up to date post i.e. not one I wrote months ago and put on scheduled release. How are things with you? I hope you, my fair readership, are doing really well. As for me? I’m taking life as it comes, which I guess I always… Continue reading Hello My Beautiful Readers 🙂 An Update