Adulting? I’d Much Rather Read

The thing about having to ‘adult’ is that you no longer have the carefree mind-set of a kid. You have responsibilities, you have commitments… And for the most part, this is fine. Spending the rest of my life with my best friend and lover all rolled into one (my husband) has consequences. We live together… Continue reading Adulting? I’d Much Rather Read


We Sold Our House & Other Excitement (Not Really)

House Sale We’ve sold our house (yay!) and finally decided on a new one. It is a really stressful thing to do, it turns out. We spent the weekend with a skip, throwing out everything we don’t need or don’t use. 10 years of detritus really does add up. Our sale is more mature than… Continue reading We Sold Our House & Other Excitement (Not Really)


Help Letter from Dying Mum to Get Back to Daughter

Sometimes, the power of social can actually have a positive impact on others. An example of this is the campaign by Gordon Draper, a book shop owner in England. He came across a heart-breaking letter hidden amongst a pile of second hand books. The letter is from a dying mother to her young daughter, a… Continue reading Help Letter from Dying Mum to Get Back to Daughter


Over the Sea to Skye

I've just about gotten into watching 'Outlander' on Amazon Prime. It don't mind it, it's good escapism and the male lead is lush, so all good (if you forgive my tasteless objectification of a male). It follows the tale of a woman from 1945 who is transported back, somehow, two hundred years into the past.… Continue reading Over the Sea to Skye


My Mum is in the Thunder

Each year, when I was a kid, there was a massive event in the park across the round from my house called the ‘St Helens Show’. It was always at the end of July and it was always amazing. There was a fair, tents filled with crafts and stalls, police dog shows, a plane doing… Continue reading My Mum is in the Thunder


Grief Monster

It doesn’t matter how many times you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, it still hurts the same. Different things make you hurt, but the hurt is still there, in your heart. I wonder why we, as human beings, are engineered to physically feel emotional pain in one of our internal organs.… Continue reading Grief Monster


Just Another Day Without You…

Someone recently told me that, when you become recently bereaved, you are reminded of all of the other bereavements you have already had. Those long ago forgotten bits of hell you have (or have not) come to terms with from before, all come flooding back. There is also this horrible fear that you get. The… Continue reading Just Another Day Without You…


I’m Sorry, But I Can’t Remember What You Got My Child!

I am extremely grateful for everything my daughters get from doting family and friends. It is great to know that they thought of my girls and that means a lot when you are a Mum. However... there is this one aspect that bothers me: remembering who bought them what. The last time this happened to… Continue reading I’m Sorry, But I Can’t Remember What You Got My Child!