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Bringing Down the Ban Hammer on the Past

I had to join a social network again as myself, but for work purposes. I just don’t want my personal account tied up with the work related activities I need to do as part of my job. As always, I had to go through a little ritual that I go through each time I join… Continue reading Bringing Down the Ban Hammer on the Past

100 Objects Project

100 Objects Project #16: The University Hoodie

This hoodie, one of several I have from University, is the last Uni hoodie I bought. It is for Katherine Fletcher Halls, room 14, at Edge Hill University, Lancashire (UK). It represents for me the closing chapter of that period of my life, were I was leaving behind full time education, adolescence, childhood, unhappiness, heartache… Continue reading 100 Objects Project #16: The University Hoodie


Poem: Wounded

I’ve been reminded over vaguely recent times, of a long ago past, or rather, the more unsavoury aspects. Never before have the words “there but for the grace of God go I” been more pertinent. Because I have been reminded of something a long time ago, I decided to dig out the poems from that… Continue reading Poem: Wounded