This Years Love

Hello First of all – happy 2018, may it be a really great one for you and those you love. So sorry to not be posting very often these days – change of pace of things and all that. I want to ramble on about the good, the bad and the downright mean things I… Continue reading This Years Love


Manchester Attack: Hope not Hate

The events of what happened in Manchester last week are incomprehensible. This is quite simply, one of those posts I wish I didn’t have to write. I’ve tried to make sense myself as to what happened and why. Last Monday, I was up late, feeling really grotty. I think I’d caught a bug and was… Continue reading Manchester Attack: Hope not Hate


Review: You & Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes

A sign of a good book, so I’m led to believe, is the inability to put it down. I once read a Jojo Moyes novel in the bathroom at 2am because I *had* to finish it and the light in the bedroom was annoying my husband. It was a good book. Yesterday, I finished such… Continue reading Review: You & Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes


Merry Happy Love Day

Valentine’s Day is about saying shush to the world. It’s about remembering that you have to stop in the frantic, swirling, nerve wracking world you inhabit and just – stop. Stop to remember those you love. Not just your significant other. It is a day for silly, tacky happiness that only flimsy love notes can… Continue reading Merry Happy Love Day


Happy 2017

It has been rather remiss of me not to wish you all a very happy New Year and express the hope that you had a peaceful and joyful Christmas/ Yuletide/ holiday period. We had a great time with the kids – after all, for me, Christmas is all about children. The magic and wonder and… Continue reading Happy 2017

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100 Objects Project: #19 The Signed David Duchovny Picture

When I was a teenager, suffice to say, I had a bit of a thing for David Duchovny and the X Files. Seriously, it was epically huge the crush I had on him. I remember one of my English teachers in Year 9 giving me a poster of him that she found in the Radio… Continue reading 100 Objects Project: #19 The Signed David Duchovny Picture

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Is It Ok to Love Again So Swiftly?

I’ve idly noticed that chart topper Taylor Swift has now hooked up with Bond-tipped actor Tom Hiddleston, just a couple of weeks or so since splitting from Calvin Harris. It just reminds me a bit of me, but then again, I was way younger than Swift when I was going through the ‘date someone for… Continue reading Is It Ok to Love Again So Swiftly?

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Nearly the Big 10

Time is drifting ever onwards towards my 10th wedding anniversary. It is mind-boggling how I’ve managed to get to this massive milestone without completely driving my husband round the twist! It has not always been plain sailing – we have had a lot of bumps in the road, pretty much all of them have been… Continue reading Nearly the Big 10