Poem: There Was a Time

A jolly poem, I think, started as part of a poetry writing thing I went on at Uni. It took me a bit to finish it. It is meant to kind of reflect the romantic style of early nineteenth century poetry, or there abouts. It was an exercise, a doodle that turned into something pretty.… Continue reading Poem: There Was a Time


What If, Whitby & What It Means to Me

In the past few days, my husband and I have had our semi-regular ‘what if’ conversation. This is when we allow ourselves for several minutes to imagine what our lives would be like if our more materialistic dreams came true. They would, but of course, be reliant on a lottery win. One dream we’ve had for… Continue reading What If, Whitby & What It Means to Me


Literary Snobbery

By whose standards is something deemed as ‘badly written’? Sorry, this is a bit of a rant. I just can’t understand this literary snobbery that is abound. I’ve read a great deal in my reading life and can honestly say, the idea of something being well written or badly written is pretty much an illusion.… Continue reading Literary Snobbery