Getting The Best Of Me

It occurred to me this morning, during my daily shower (I get some of my best ideas during said shower), that so much of our lives are spent at work, that it can often be the thing that claims the best of you. You try to look good (or at least passable), work hard, think… Continue reading Getting The Best Of Me

100 Objects Project

100 Objects Project #16: The University Hoodie

This hoodie, one of several I have from University, is the last Uni hoodie I bought. It is for Katherine Fletcher Halls, room 14, at Edge Hill University, Lancashire (UK). It represents for me the closing chapter of that period of my life, were I was leaving behind full time education, adolescence, childhood, unhappiness, heartache… Continue reading 100 Objects Project #16: The University Hoodie


Hello My Beautiful Readers :) An Update

Hi It feels like an age since I did an up to date post i.e. not one I wrote months ago and put on scheduled release. How are things with you? I hope you, my fair readership, are doing really well. As for me? I’m taking life as it comes, which I guess I always… Continue reading Hello My Beautiful Readers 🙂 An Update


Happy Voting

The UK general election marches onwards towards its end date and the streets are alive with colourful Party banners, shouting out slogans and dripping with promises. Insincere smiles beam out at you from uncomfortable looking people in suits. Loud halers squawk from slow passing cars and vans, all bedecked in logo’s and swathed in affiliation… Continue reading Happy Voting


My Journey… So Far

As a parent, you watch your child change constantly. You see the world that is them go from prehistoric to medieval to the modern era. They evolve so much, that you can’t quite see it sometimes, not without getting out the photos and looking through them. Eventually though, you come to the realisation that you… Continue reading My Journey… So Far


You Build Your Children’s Foundations

I am often want to say to my husband, that childhood is the foundation that we, as parents, lay down for our children. It is the base on top of which they will build the adult they will turn out to be. Your children will follow your example, not your advice. When they are adults,… Continue reading You Build Your Children’s Foundations


Poem: You Were

You Were You were the rage that ripped me out. You were the virus in my eye. You were a cruel and hateful lout. You were the life that passed me by.   You were - not are - and won’t be. You were a triumph unwilling to see the breaking dawn that greets me, instead, you denied me to be… Continue reading Poem: You Were