Poem: Took Off the Lid

I built a dream around you I fucking did Shook up my life Then took off the lid   I made you shine in my mind Each bit of you was brilliance I worshipped you You just saw me as a convenience   I left myself behind I fucking did Shook up my life Then… Continue reading Poem: Took Off the Lid


Merry Happy Love Day

Valentine’s Day is about saying shush to the world. It’s about remembering that you have to stop in the frantic, swirling, nerve wracking world you inhabit and just – stop. Stop to remember those you love. Not just your significant other. It is a day for silly, tacky happiness that only flimsy love notes can… Continue reading Merry Happy Love Day

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Nearly the Big 10

Time is drifting ever onwards towards my 10th wedding anniversary. It is mind-boggling how I’ve managed to get to this massive milestone without completely driving my husband round the twist! It has not always been plain sailing – we have had a lot of bumps in the road, pretty much all of them have been… Continue reading Nearly the Big 10


Celebrate All Happiness – Don’t Deny a Moment of it

Every so often I’ll see a message out there in the electronic world that criticizes people for shoving their “happiness” or their “aren’t I doing so well” in others faces. My personal view on it is simple: good on them – crack on as is. For every Facebook status you see were someone is saying… Continue reading Celebrate All Happiness – Don’t Deny a Moment of it

100 Objects Project

100 Objects Project #6: The Amber Earrings

These are my favourite pair of earrings. Not because they were bought by someone who at the time was special for a special reason, but because I just love them for how beautiful they are and what they represent to me. Their acquisition was a forced one, believe it or not. I saw them in… Continue reading 100 Objects Project #6: The Amber Earrings