2017 – General Election: Live Updates

My vote is cast, the BBC news is on and the exit polls are counted. I'm live, it's the UK general election and we might have a new leader of this country in the morning. Welcome to my coverage (until I have to turn in - I have a job of work to do in… Continue reading  2017 – General Election: Live Updates


Frustrated, Cynical Voter Rant

  Bit of a rant, sorry. The UK will be returning to the polls in June, to pick our new MPs (or keep our old ones) and in turn, select our new Prime Minister. I have noticed a lot of traffic on social media in support of the Labour Party and a huge amount of… Continue reading Frustrated, Cynical Voter Rant


Happy Voting

The UK general election marches onwards towards its end date and the streets are alive with colourful Party banners, shouting out slogans and dripping with promises. Insincere smiles beam out at you from uncomfortable looking people in suits. Loud halers squawk from slow passing cars and vans, all bedecked in logo’s and swathed in affiliation… Continue reading Happy Voting