The Dark Ages Are Back: Trump Won

Trump won. I was utterly horrified when my husband woke me up and told me. I thought he was joking. When I turned on the BBC News channel, it turned out that he wasn’t kidding at all. Unfortunately. I’m just utterly floored by how the most powerful country on Earth has elected a loud mouthed… Continue reading The Dark Ages Are Back: Trump Won

Short Story

Short Story: Never The Pedestal

WARNING: Please note that younger and sensitive readers are advised not to read this story, as it deals with adult themes, subjects and contains strong language. Thank you. They were in a friend’s car, in the back seat, pulling up at a supermarket car park one Saturday morning. It was too early for the usual… Continue reading Short Story: Never The Pedestal


Back to School, Valuing My Own Opinion & Cold Posting

The past few days have been taken up by uggins of washing and ironing, as well of lots of painting of the decorating kind, rather than anything artistic. Not to mention school runs, sleepless nights with a teething baby and that place I go to everyday where I’m paid to be stressed. It is the… Continue reading Back to School, Valuing My Own Opinion & Cold Posting


Toe-Curlingly Embarrassing Stuff

Now, to be honest, I’m not someone who gets either embarrassed easily (having three kids and a host of Doctors and nurses prodding you in unthinkable places before, during and after birthing will do that to a person). Nor am I squeamish. I like to think I’ve lived a little. I’ve almost died twice too.… Continue reading Toe-Curlingly Embarrassing Stuff