I have a particularly tired soul right now. Although my body is weary as hell, my soul feels so heavy right now. I’ve cut off Facebook and Twitter – those who care enough about me will contact me via other mediums to see how I am or just have a chat. The problem with social… Continue reading Weary


Thing 5: Emoji’s and Diversity

Thing 5 asks you to consider the impact of diverse representation via the emojis we all know and love. I wrote a blog about the impact of emoji’s taking over how we write things, certainly in a colloquial manner. I remember when it was in the news not so long ago, regarding the ability to… Continue reading Thing 5: Emoji’s and Diversity

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YouTube Channel to Watch: Top5s

Recently, my husband discovered the YouTube series called ‘Top5s’ and got me watching it. Now we're hooked. For those who have never heard of it, it is basically a softly spoken Welsh lad making videos of what he considers to be the top 5 creepy, scary, weird and all round odd events, people or places… Continue reading YouTube Channel to Watch: Top5s

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William the Viral Worm

With our newsfeeds seemingly set to 'miserable', it is sometimes hard to see the light when it comes to the news. Then, when something light-hearted wanders into the spotlight somehow, people decry it with "is this news?!" And "go report on something more important!". I say we need the lighter, brighter and fluffier side of… Continue reading William the Viral Worm


What Does Your Heart & Soul Look Like?

I read a quote, somewhere on Facebook probably, were someone said that you should be artistic every single day. You should paint, draw, act, sing, write, compose, play, sew, knit – something. The purpose for this industry is simply an exercise in finding out what is inside of you and seeing what those insides look… Continue reading What Does Your Heart & Soul Look Like?


Help Me Win A Photoshoot for Valentines Day for My Husband :)

Hello, Favour to ask, beautiful readers! Could you please click on this link HERE (goes to that Facebook) to click "like" on a picture of my husband & I? It is so we can win a photoshoot for Valentines Day. I just thought it would be something wonderful for my gorgeous husband to look forwards to… Continue reading Help Me Win A Photoshoot for Valentines Day for My Husband 🙂