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Twitter Recommendation: 50 Shades of May

If to you Brexit is a dirty word, you ain’t seen nothing yet. “50 Shades of May” makes the miserable and mundane world of politics, leopard print shoes and leather trousers all mix together nicely. A naughty innuendo filled gigglefest, this Tweeter recounts the goings on of our Prime Minister, Theresa May. It looks like… Continue reading Twitter Recommendation: 50 Shades of May

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William the Viral Worm

With our newsfeeds seemingly set to 'miserable', it is sometimes hard to see the light when it comes to the news. Then, when something light-hearted wanders into the spotlight somehow, people decry it with "is this news?!" And "go report on something more important!". I say we need the lighter, brighter and fluffier side of… Continue reading William the Viral Worm


Review: “Mrs Fry’s Diary”

I don’t think I remember when I came across the bona fide comedy legend and all round super-wife, Mrs Stephen Fry. 2010 maybe? This book is one I bought and read a while back, but is always worth picking back up from time to time to enjoy and have a little chuckle at, so this… Continue reading Review: “Mrs Fry’s Diary”

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100 Objects Project #10: Cheeky Shot Glass

This cheeky little shot glass was a present for my 18th birthday from a friend from 6th form, Nicky. I do not remember most of my 18th birthday; all I was told was that my Dad carried me to bed, I fell off the loo and my Aunt did some sick mopping up. The hangover… Continue reading 100 Objects Project #10: Cheeky Shot Glass

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Twitter Recommendation: The Hilarious @GalacticKeegan

I’ve been doing the whole Twitter thing for a few years now and I have a bit of an on/off love affair with it. I would describe myself as a ‘binge tweeter’, in that I won’t look at it for ages and then tweet about a hundred things in an hour, then not look at… Continue reading Twitter Recommendation: The Hilarious @GalacticKeegan

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“Erik Meets V”

Just written a piece for Limebirds about the utter wonderfulness of fanfiction. Seriously, I love it! After watching V for Vendetta (for the squillienth time!) and being madly in love with both V and Erik from the Phantom of the Opera, I had an idea.... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is a sort of petty, childish conversation between… Continue reading “Erik Meets V”