New Blog

Hi I've decided to create a new blog that focuses on my battle with mental health. In order to allow myself the freedom to express myself without worrying about what others think, it will be written under a pseudonym. I've posted once so far and I am still scrabbling about with the design of the… Continue reading New Blog


The Ever Evolving Blog

Periodically, I tend to just get terribly bored of the way my blog looks, so I recently threw caution to the wind and changed the theme and form. It took me a long time to get it how I wanted it (even then, I am not completely enamoured). It needs to happen though – I… Continue reading The Ever Evolving Blog


Happy 6th Birthday to My Blog

Continuous Strings has been around for six years now, how awesome is that? It has helped me express myself in a way that has kept me encouraged to write. I just wish I could win the lottery, buy a flat in Whitby and just spend six months writing... That is how much a I love… Continue reading Happy 6th Birthday to My Blog


We Sold Our House & Other Excitement (Not Really)

House Sale We’ve sold our house (yay!) and finally decided on a new one. It is a really stressful thing to do, it turns out. We spent the weekend with a skip, throwing out everything we don’t need or don’t use. 10 years of detritus really does add up. Our sale is more mature than… Continue reading We Sold Our House & Other Excitement (Not Really)


Thing 5: Emoji’s and Diversity

Thing 5 asks you to consider the impact of diverse representation via the emojis we all know and love. I wrote a blog about the impact of emoji’s taking over how we write things, certainly in a colloquial manner. I remember when it was in the news not so long ago, regarding the ability to… Continue reading Thing 5: Emoji’s and Diversity

100 Objects Project

100 Object Project: #21 The Baby Sock in my Desk Drawer

I have had this sock in my desk drawer for many years. It belonged to my older daughter, Daisy. I can’t remember the exact set of circumstances that resulted in this baby sock ending up in my desk, but I can imagine. When you’re a mum, you tend to have a lot of random things… Continue reading 100 Object Project: #21 The Baby Sock in my Desk Drawer