Eva, 21

To my little sister Eva - wherever you are, whoever you're with: Happy 21st birthday darling. You were such a beautiful baby and I am proud of the beautiful young woman I believe you are. I'm as proud and as in love with you as I was the moment we met. I know our mother… Continue reading Eva, 21


Happy Birthday, Charlie Gard

Rather than focus on the heated and varied debate regarding the medical case of Charlie Gard, I am instead simply going to think of his parents on this special day. Today would have been his first birthday. There is no way that this day last year, Chris and Connie would have dreamt in a million… Continue reading Happy Birthday, Charlie Gard


Happy 6th Birthday to My Blog

Continuous Strings has been around for six years now, how awesome is that? It has helped me express myself in a way that has kept me encouraged to write. I just wish I could win the lottery, buy a flat in Whitby and just spend six months writing... That is how much a I love… Continue reading Happy 6th Birthday to My Blog

100 Objects Project

100 Objects Project #8: Glass Seahorse Ornament

I received this odd glass ornament for my 10th birthday from my Granddad Jack. I can’t say I was desperately impressed to receive this as a 10 year old girl! I just didn’t quite get why I’d want to look at dead sea creatures, encased in glass… it just seemed a bit unfair on the… Continue reading 100 Objects Project #8: Glass Seahorse Ornament