Charlie Gard: Hope for Home in Final Days

  For reasons completely out of the control of his parents, little Charlie Gard is no longer able to be treated for his illness. With this in mind, they have made the decision, now all avenues have been exhausted, to remove Charlie from his life support and let him pass away. Their final wish is… Continue reading Charlie Gard: Hope for Home in Final Days


Charlie Gard: An Update

In my last post, I reflected on the impending loss of baby Charlie Gard, the baby at the centre of a battle between his parents and the doctors treating him. When I wrote my post, it was in response to the fact his parents had released a video on YouTube stating that they would be… Continue reading Charlie Gard: An Update


Charlie Gard, An Angel Too Soon

Update 03/07/2017: Since I posted the original post, news came through that Charlie's parents have been allowed to have more time to say their goodbyes to him. There is never enough time in this entire universe in order to say goodbye to your precious baby. I hope the time they have been given provides them… Continue reading Charlie Gard, An Angel Too Soon


The First of my Angel’s Anniversaries Start Today

So it begins. The tenth anniversaries of when I lost my babies have now begun with today. 10 years ago today, I went into labour at work, sat at my desk. I remember panicking and sobbing with the pain and the thought that the precious lives I was carrying were in danger. I remember it… Continue reading The First of my Angel’s Anniversaries Start Today


The Bereaved at Christmas

Each Christmas, since 2007, I have faced the unimaginable: a Christmas with two children in heaven. It is lovely to experience Christmas with my two rainbow babies (rainbow babies/children: a term used by bereaved parents to describe the children they have after a loss of a baby or child), but, they are not their sister’s… Continue reading The Bereaved at Christmas

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Lucy & Bryonie’s Story

It is my eldest daughters 8th Birthday today in heaven. They passed away in April and May 2007. Not a moment goes by when we do not love them, miss them or want them. They are everything, just like their two little rainbow sisters. This was written in 2007, just after my eldest daughter passed… Continue reading Lucy & Bryonie’s Story