Here are some of my recent publications, but this list is not remotely exhaustive. A few highlights for you to poke your nose in 🙂



Touched’ at The Pygmy Giant


Inspiration In Writing – A Limebird Special  on YouTube

Journal Articles:

SANDS Journal, 2008:

Lucy & Bryonie’s Story

Limebird Writers:


NaNoWriMo Wash Up 12th December 2012

Language Reclamation 5th December 2012

Knowledge Transfer Pride 7th November 2012

Neverlution 8th October 2012

Patchwork Writing 13th August 2012

Fifty Shades of Inspiration 5th July 2012

Trying Too Hard 13th June 2012

Fanfiction Addiction 15th May 2012

A Veritable Yes Man 26th April 2012

Knotted Up in Words 16th April 2012

Why the Dickens Did I Choose Writing? 20th February 2012

Now is the Winter of My Discontent 13th February 2012

‘Don’t Compare!’ 4th January 2012

Never Give Up, Never Surrender 24th November 2011

Tips for Coaching New Writers July 2013

The Power of Language – Vile

Amazon Worlds – A Step Forwards for Fan Fiction?

A View of the Humble Romance Genre

Returning in a Rowing Boat



‘The Heroine of Crundle Lane Bridge’ – Short Story – Available to buy at Lulu

ISBN: 9781291289855 book_bluePublished: 15th January 2013



“I write publicly because I think that despite myself, someone out there may find the experience I have and things I know interesting or helpful. It’s more of a Karma thing I suppose.”

I know I wax lyrical about how I don’t like being published. I’m not selling myself well here, am I? Well, I suppose that is the point. I’m not trying to. I write, because despite my limitations such as ‘talent’, I write for the sheer pure and undiluted joy of it. Not the art or the craft. No, just because I jolly well like to do it.

The simple neural and spiritual communication between thought, soul and heart rendered real via your fingers on a keyboard, to me, is utterly magical. I don’t think the point of writing is publication, I think the point of it is simply soulful. Joyful if you will. I don’t need someone to say if they think I’m good or bad… I don’t even really need to have anyone at all. I write for my own personal enjoyment.

All of the above does of course beg two questions: 1. why do a blog then, muppet? and 2. why have a page showing the stuff you’ve published then?! Argh!

Well, to answer the first, I write my blog because I like to. I don’t really care if anyone else likes what I do, although that is a bonus and I am happy if others do. I write publicly because I think that despite myself, someone out there may find the experience I have and things I know interesting or helpful. It’s more of a Karma thing I suppose.

The second is simply this: I need a place I can find it all. I could write it on a bit of paper and leave it on Dropbox, but then, I like to record things in numerous places and this is one of them. It’s for my own purposes really. I’m just going to put my Limebird stuff on here, the odd bit or indeed bob that I’ve done elsewhere… nothing to make you’re head fall off or anything.

If you’re desperate, I suppose you could have a look at what I’ve published elsewhere (above)…. but that’s up to you fair, beautiful and kind reader.


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