I have a particularly tired soul right now. Although my body is weary as hell, my soul feels so heavy right now. I’ve cut off Facebook and Twitter – those who care enough about me will contact me via other mediums to see how I am or just have a chat. The problem with social… Continue reading Weary


 2017 – General Election: Live Updates

My vote is cast, the BBC news is on and the exit polls are counted. I'm live, it's the UK general election and we might have a new leader of this country in the morning. Welcome to my coverage (until I have to turn in - I have a job of work to do in… Continue reading  2017 – General Election: Live Updates


Words to Help & Inspire: Maya Angelou’s ‘Still I Rise’

The poet Maya Angelou has always been close to my heart, especially her poem 'Still I Rise'. It was also the favourite poem of my lovely friend Jemma, who passed away a couple of years ago. It has always been something that has made me feel determined and picked me up whenever I have been… Continue reading Words to Help & Inspire: Maya Angelou’s ‘Still I Rise’


Email from 23rd May 2007 – Sending the News of Lucy’s Passing

Here is a copy of an email I sent out to family and friends a few days after Lucy's funeral. Back before Facebook was the go-to medium of choice for contacting friends and family, I would occasionally e-mail out updates of how we were getting on post-university. I don't think anyone really wanted to receive… Continue reading Email from 23rd May 2007 – Sending the News of Lucy’s Passing


Frustrated, Cynical Voter Rant

  Bit of a rant, sorry. The UK will be returning to the polls in June, to pick our new MPs (or keep our old ones) and in turn, select our new Prime Minister. I have noticed a lot of traffic on social media in support of the Labour Party and a huge amount of… Continue reading Frustrated, Cynical Voter Rant

100 Objects Project

Mental Health Awareness Special: 100 Objects Project #22 The Little Stone

I saw an article recently, were people with mental health issues discussed the objects that help them through low periods. These objects were mostly small and innocuous: a row of beads, a tiny wooden ladder, a cuddly toy… Items that act simply as totems, as guides – pulling them back from a place that is… Continue reading Mental Health Awareness Special: 100 Objects Project #22 The Little Stone


Adulting? I’d Much Rather Read

The thing about having to ‘adult’ is that you no longer have the carefree mind-set of a kid. You have responsibilities, you have commitments… And for the most part, this is fine. Spending the rest of my life with my best friend and lover all rolled into one (my husband) has consequences. We live together… Continue reading Adulting? I’d Much Rather Read


Violet-Grace Youens – An Angel Too Soon

In St Helens, Merseyside in the north of England, it was a brilliant, sunny day. The air was still cold as April tried to shake off her winter coat and begin to bask in the warmth of her sister May’s arrival. April, though, for all of her spring flowers and newborn animals, held to her… Continue reading Violet-Grace Youens – An Angel Too Soon