Woop! Get me… I have my very own page on the old Facebook. Terribly self congratulatory isn’t it? My husband believes that I am the greatest writer alive and the world would be a better place if everyone read my stuff. Personally, I think he’s after something and talking rubbish.

So, either way, I have’s me a Facebook page. If you feel the overwhelming urge to go off and ‘Like’ me – then do! I will love you eternally in return and send you lot’s of positive Karma. Besides, it’s a bit of a laugh to see how/if I ‘take off’. Belting.

The picture in the header on the Facebook page is of the Bronte parsonage, taken during the filming of the Limebird special I did there. One of my absolute favourite places in the whole universe and just the absolute best place for inspiration.

Of course, I should have just lied there and said it was my house instead. Oh rats. I’m too gosh-darn honest…

Want to ‘Like’ my page? Click HERE



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