The ©opyright Stuff

All the photos on this site, unless otherwise stated or are obvious (Peppa Pig on one page, Titanic photo’s on another which are NOT my property for example), are the sole property of Cat Mercer.

Although you can reproduce them if you wish, you MUST ONLY do so with a link back to this blog and full credit to me (Cat Mercer).

The written words, unless otherwise stated or obvious, are the sole intellectual and actual property of Cat Mercer, including other linked works by the same author, but are on other sites (such as Limebird Writers, Pygmy Giant etc) or in other mediums (such as book or eBook publication format). You can reblog my entries from Continuous Strings or other sites where I (Cat Mercer) have published work, but MUST ONLY do so with a link back to this blog (Continuous Strings) and with full credit to me.

In all cases for photos and written works, for their reproduction in part or full in printed or other medium (such as a book or anthology), you must have express written permission from Cat Mercer.

In all cases, no profit or monies of any kind can be made from any of my work under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES unless you have express written and formal permission from me (Cat Mercer).

That is just common sense and fair to be honest. I’m (Cat Mercer) not going to be precious about my (Cat Mercer) stuff as I (Cat Mercer) am not earning a living off anything I (Cat Mercer) blog about or through the act of blogging itself, or through my (Cat Mercer) other published writing. However, should that change, I (Cat Mercer) will amend my (Cat Mercer) copyright notice on here, which I (Cat Mercer) will maintain the right to do so and may do at any time.

This copyright notice is for all territories worldwide, and not just the United Kingdom.

If you have any queries concerning the above notice, please do not hesitate to contact me (Cat Mercer).

Kind regards,



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