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Top5s Gets New Channel

I've been a tad amused by the fact that my WordPress stats regularly tell me that one of my most popular posts is about YouTube channel, Top5s (which you can check out here). I imagine people are searching (you may even be one of them!) for information about the channel and its softly spoken Welsh… Continue reading Top5s Gets New Channel


Train Wreck Comic Relief Cheated Charity Fundraising With Abysmal Show

This year’s Comic Relief felt like one long, drawn out, unfunny joke. The BBC raided their list of at-a-loose-end comics and some ‘well known’ presenters to staff this dire experience. I am still trying to work out who the lass in the silver skirt was. Whatever her day job is, I suggest she stick to it… Continue reading Train Wreck Comic Relief Cheated Charity Fundraising With Abysmal Show


Review: Together Apart by Natalie K Martin

(Pls note this review contains a trigger warning at the bottom. The review itself does not contain a trigger). Adam somehow got it wrong. Whilst on holiday, he impulsively proposed to the girl he is madly in love with – only for her to not only turn him down, but insist the relationship ends. Adam… Continue reading Review: Together Apart by Natalie K Martin


Review: Our Endless Numbered Days by Claire Fuller

Peggy Hillcoat is an average eight year old girl in 1976. She likes Sugar Puffs, climbing trees, listening to the Railway Children album and hanging out with her friend from school, Becky. At home though, there is something not quite right going on. Her mother is a celebrated German pianist, Ute Bischoff, who scandalously married… Continue reading Review: Our Endless Numbered Days by Claire Fuller

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Twitter Recommendation: 50 Shades of May

If to you Brexit is a dirty word, you ain’t seen nothing yet. “50 Shades of May” makes the miserable and mundane world of politics, leopard print shoes and leather trousers all mix together nicely. A naughty innuendo filled gigglefest, this Tweeter recounts the goings on of our Prime Minister, Theresa May. It looks like… Continue reading Twitter Recommendation: 50 Shades of May


Review: You & Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes

A sign of a good book, so I’m led to believe, is the inability to put it down. I once read a Jojo Moyes novel in the bathroom at 2am because I *had* to finish it and the light in the bedroom was annoying my husband. It was a good book. Yesterday, I finished such… Continue reading Review: You & Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes

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YouTube Channel to Watch: Top5s

Recently, my husband discovered the YouTube series called ‘Top5s’ and got me watching it. Now we're hooked. For those who have never heard of it, it is basically a softly spoken Welsh lad making videos of what he considers to be the top 5 creepy, scary, weird and all round odd events, people or places… Continue reading YouTube Channel to Watch: Top5s


Review: “Mrs Fry’s Diary”

I don’t think I remember when I came across the bona fide comedy legend and all round super-wife, Mrs Stephen Fry. 2010 maybe? This book is one I bought and read a while back, but is always worth picking back up from time to time to enjoy and have a little chuckle at, so this… Continue reading Review: “Mrs Fry’s Diary”


Review: Avon Perfume ‘Luck’

Avon ‘Luck’ is a scent that takes me back. It is a nostalgic fragrance that reminds me of being 14 years old and utterly innocent in this big old bad world. It reminds me of the Dewberry body spray we all bought at the time and of the Boots candyfloss flavoured lip gloss we all… Continue reading Review: Avon Perfume ‘Luck’

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Twitter Recommendation: The Hilarious @GalacticKeegan

I’ve been doing the whole Twitter thing for a few years now and I have a bit of an on/off love affair with it. I would describe myself as a ‘binge tweeter’, in that I won’t look at it for ages and then tweet about a hundred things in an hour, then not look at… Continue reading Twitter Recommendation: The Hilarious @GalacticKeegan