Arty Bits


Like with my love of snapping pictures, I also have a love with creating them, too.

I realise I am *not* a gifted artist in the slightest, *but* I love doing it. The calmness it gives me is amazing and I love the fact that it transports me to somewhere else when I’m concentrating on creating a picture.

There is a massive trend taking off at present with the advent of ‘grown up colouring books’. The idea is to instill calmness through the joyful, mindless act of making something pretty look prettier. It is about recapturing that thing from our childhood where colouring was just so much fun.

Sometimes, art isn’t a competition or commercial. It is just emptying your stressed out, woolly, jumbled up head out onto a page, which can require no more from you than a bit of colouring in.

Feel free to have a browse of my own arty calm-inducing pieces. I drew them over a number of years and just did so… because I liked it. It was fun, it occupied my spinning mind for a bit and this is what happened.

I hope these inspire you to go do the same.

Enjoy 😉