About Cat

First and foremost, Cat is a Mum of four and Wifeypotamus (her husband has some odd pet name preferences). She has an older brother, a former nurse in the RAF (and now a civvie nurse) and a younger half sister who is fifteen years her junior.

She hails from what her husband considers to be the ‘wrong side of the Pennines’, but more specifically, Merseyside. She now lives on what she considers to be the ‘wrong side of the Pennines’ – Yorkshire.

When she left high school at 16, the lad she sat next to in GCSE English wrote in her leaving book “keep bloody writing”, owing to her outrageous word count on every essay she wrote.

After finishing high school with eleven GCSE’s, she went onto study for her A-Levels in English and Theatre Studies, before going onto Edge Hill University. She studied for a joint honors degree in Drama and English and graduated in 2004.

She thinks that she learnt little from her degree in terms of writing, well, apart from the modules on poetry lead by the indefatigable Dr Rob Spence. What she did see University as though, was a very expensive dating agency, as that is where she met her husband.

She works in science and education, in a role that requires her to, at the very least, look intelligent. She has had varying amounts of success with that.2015-05-27 14.17.35

During all of her education, she has read and written voraciously. She also wished that she had read and written voraciously for her course a tad more instead.

She continued to write like a madwoman possessed until 2007 when she gave birth to identical twin girls.

Tragically, her two beautiful baby girls were born three months too soon due to a rare complication. Her eldest daughter Lucy lived for a month, whilst her youngest Bryonie was sadly born sleeping. After this world ending event, she completely gave up writing. She simply did not see the point in it, or indeed anything in general.

In 2008, Cat gave birth to another little girl named Daisy who keeps her parents going (and on their toes!). In 2013, Cat and her husband welcomed their fourth baby, a very beautiful and smiley little girl they named Willow.

In 2010, Cat decided it was time to have another go at writing. She reckoned that it was about time to make her pretty daughters proud of their Mummy, or at the very least, ponder her sanity. She moved into prose from poetry and took on a role as a mentor to new young writers.

She currently has more projects on the go than would be considered healthy for one woman to manage inside her head, but she likes a challenge. She is currently writing her first full length novel, which, bizarrely, she has no desire to see published.

Her chief audience is herself, followed in rapid succession by ‘him-in-doors’ who says she is ‘a talented writer’. Then again, he would say that. He likes her cooking and values his life.

From November 2011 until May 2014, Cat was a member of the international collective of writers known as Limebird Writers. An honour and a privilege that she is deeply proud of.

Other than writing, Cat adores vintage style dresses and insists on swishing around the house in them, full petticoat and winged eye liner included. She also could eat her body weight in Chinese food, loves endless cups of tea, singing, photography, knitting, drawing, wandering about hills and moors, Medieval history, walking round and learning about castles and ruins, the sea, beach combing, binge tweeting, covering things in PVA glue and emptying glitter all over them to her daughters delight and reading. To name but a few things that try to keep her out of trouble.

She is also a proud member of the Brontë Society which educates people about the Parsonage Museum in Haworth, 2015-01-08 12.49.42West Yorkshire and of great authors Charlotte, Emily Jane and Anne Brontë who lived there.

This blog will contain updates on what the jingo Cat is up to, as well as publishing some of her work.

Cat writes a lot of personally reflective blog posts too, which you may find interesting, inspiring or a bit of bore. Either way, she hopes she at least got down on the page what was tumbling about her head at the time and encourages all to make of it what they will.

She would also like to make it clear that any updates that look like she was fuelled on either caffeine or alcohol when she wrote them, probably were.

You can follow Cat on Twitter: @Cat_Mercer



8 Comments Add yours

  1. limebirdbeth says:

    Limebird Writers has nominated you for the ‘One Lovely Blog’ award. Thanks for being so lovely. *cheesy line alert* – http://limebirduk.wordpress.com/2012/01/19/limebird-writers-is-one-lovely-blog/

    Beth x

    1. Cat says:

      Thank you! 😀 x

  2. limebirdbeth says:

    LimebirdWriters have nominated you for the ‘Very Inspiring Blog Award’. You all inspire me to be a better writer! Enjoy – http://limebirduk.wordpress.com/2012/02/08/very-inspiring-blog-award-oh-yeahhhhh/

    1. Cat says:

      YAY!!!! Ta my lovely!!

  3. Mrs Margaret Elizabeth Gordon says:

    Hi Catherine your mum would have been so proud of you.

    1. Cat says:

      Thanks Elizabeth, that means a lot x

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