I’m one of those people who dream very vividly, but not long after I wake up, the memory of those dreams fade rather quickly.

Which is a shame. I think some of the things I see in my dreams are fascinating and play better than any movie.

I had a dream last night that was more profound by any of my usual standards.

I dreamt I was on some sort of rundown amusement island – it was night all the time and winter.

Living in a run down, dingy, dirty little barge was someone I used to know many years ago. They were dirty and dishevelled and I really didn’t want them to be there on this island where I was. My husband was there too with a lot of faceless people I don’t know. A swirling mass of humanity that I could not connect with – just my husband.

I donated 50p to the weird dishevelled person in the barge and they thanked me. We eked out a strained conversation, were they thanked me for the money and for everything in general that I had done for them all those years ago.

I introduced my husband to them, but they already knew who he was. After that brief exchange, we left, leaving the barge person to their own devices.

When I woke up though, I was surrounded by an overwhelming sense of peace.

It was like a burden had been taken from my shoulders.

I don’t really pay that much attention to the things I dream about – do any of us? But this one really got me straight in the feels.

The imagery alone could give a clue as to what is going on below the surface.

However, I don’t want to really pick it all apart and examine it. The one thing I am taking away from it, is that I feel I have made my peace with some hidden, forgotten, buried part of myself. I think the scruffy barge dweller represented someone or something that I needed to communicate with in order to try and come to terms with or forgive.

I have no idea if this sense of peace that I feel will last or even really solve anything in that regard, but I felt better. It was as though I had been holding onto something for too long and I had finally let go…

How extraordinary the human mind can be on all levels of consciousness and awareness.

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