Happy 6th Publication Anniversary to My Short Story

product_thumbnailRemember the time when I got a short story published?

I don’t ever really like publishing my own stuff – just because I write for pleasure and that is really it. I don’t require feedback on what I write (although I do not discourage it). I think the main thing is, I did it for me.

However, there *was* that one time I *did* publish one of my short stories, simply so I could tick off the bucket list item about getting my own ISBN. I know, a bit geeky and sad, but there it is.

I’d actually forgotten about this wee gem I’d sent up for publication. Recently, I began to think of it again and looked it up on my old publishers site – and it is still there. I don’t know why I began to think about it again. Perhaps the words, trapped in there short story form, managed to clairvoyantly reach out to me. Who knows…

So, in honour of the 6th anniversary of publication, I have made it more widely available (I put it on Kobo and Amazon) in case anyone has a hole in their afternoon that they want to fill in with my wordy words.

It’s not the best story ever (and needed perhaps a few more re-reads and a touch more editing) and yes, the cover literally took me 2 minutes to do, but I enjoyed writing it all those years ago.

I am loathe to put out anything (on the rare occasion I do) for it to be in a state of not-quite-there-yet, but at the time, I was just interested in getting the ISBN and feeling very chuffed when I got it.

It also doesn’t have a happy ending, which discourages a lot of readers.

If you do feel inclined to have a read of it, then please feel free to let me know what you think.

You can download it from…:

Apple iBooks: Click Here 🙂

Nook (Barnes & Noble): Click Here 🙂

Lulu Publishing: Click Here 🙂

Amazon Kindle: Click Here 🙂

Kobo: Click Here 🙂

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