Random Thought Friday (trust me, it’s a thing)

I know that each country in the world has somehow generated a stereotype image of its people.

Flag of England from symbols of the United Kingdom and London
Source of Image: https://www.wallsauce.com/nz/wall-murals-wallpaper/union-jack-montage-wall-mural

A two dimensional, card board cut-out of what we are all meant to look like, sound like and behave.

One thing that bugs me, is queuing. Why is it a quintessentially British thing to wait your turn? Does the rest of the world have a huge free-for-all? Can no-one just wait behind someone who got their first and wait? If the front of the queue is moving slowly, then what? Anarchy? Looting?

crowd dark evening lights
Photo by mali maeder on Pexels.com

I’ve been to three continents and not on any of them have I encountered people having a problem with waiting their turn (unless they were being a selfish nob and no matter where you go in the world – you will always find an inconsiderate dingleberry).

I think everyone prefers order to chaos if that is possible, no matter where they are.

Queuing really annoys me as a label (because I think everyone, everywhere can queue and maintain order) – what is your most bewildering national label stuck on you by the world?

Have a great weekend (I will – it is my 12th wedding anniversary!) and I will see you in the next post 😉



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