New Blog


I’ve decided to create a new blog that focuses on my battle with mental health. In order to allow myself the freedom to express myself without worrying about what others think, it will be written under a pseudonym.

I’ve posted once so far and I am still scrabbling about with the design of the site, but at least I’ve begun it.

I keep thinking of posts I could write to populate a blog of its own on mental health. This has then spurred me on to get one up and running.

Not sure where it will take me, but hopefully it will be useful to me and anyone else out there battling mental illness.

As for Continuous Strings, I will keep going. I dip in and out of it and have done since it began in 2011. It is a labour of love and I would hate to just abandon it for anyone reason, especially in favour of a new blog.

From my statistics control panel, I can see that there are a lot of people who still visit regularly to see my posts. It is great to have you along for the ride and I will keep bringing you my opinionated nonsense for as long as there is an audience willing to read it!

Take care of you,



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