Remember, Remember

Hello one and all,

So sorry for the hiatus, it was unintentional.

My health has been challenging over the past few months and has taken its toll on me.

Although I’m not great right now,  I am going to jolly well try to fight onwards.

It was bonfire night last night. We had a wee bonfire and fireworks display for our tiny ones. They, of course, enjoyed it immensely.

2017-11-05 19.16.33I can’t help but feel slightly hypocritical. The date celebrates the thwarting of a terrorist plot by suppressed Catholics. I was brought up very strictly Catholic so…

For me – it is the celebration of the end of the warmth and the start of the cold. It is a celebration of defiance in the face of terrorist afraid modernity.

Fire and bangs will not scare and deter peaceful human beings from carrying on with their existences simply because others choose hate and violence over love and dialogue.

I don’t refer to it as Guy Fawkes night. He was ultimately the hired henchman, hired to do the donkey work and it was simply he who was caught.

Just because we a ‘celebration’ based on events long outside of living memory, doesn’t mean we cannot redesign them to reflect the world we live in today and the peaceful life most of us want to live.

We are adept at changing the meaning of words – why not events? Robbing a word of its hateful roots is similar to changing a scary Bogart into something harmless and even funny.

I hope to post more – certainly when my health begins to improve.

Peace, light, love and positivity,



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