The Ever Evolving Blog


Periodically, I tend to just get terribly bored of the way my blog looks, so I recently threw caution to the wind and changed the theme and form.

It took me a long time to get it how I wanted it (even then, I am not completely enamoured).

It needs to happen though – I think bloggers need to reassess how they present their sites in order to keep themselves motivated to keep filling it with the randomness in their heads and to further entice the readership.

My blog is a non-profit entity – I don’t get paid in any way to do it. It is what a lot of writers dread to say: a labour of love.

Blogs can be progressive things too – and you have to keep up with that.

Mine started out as a blog where I write about, well, writing. I wanted to share my adventures as a crazy writer lady in the hope that it may inspire or encourage others to pick up quill and parchment and scribble down what is going on in their imaginations.

Over the six years I have ran this blog, it has morphed and twisted into a personal reflection, overall. After all, writing itself is a personal venture regardless, so it was a natural shift.

I like the idea of sharing, but not oversharing. I like the idea that I can share a simple thought, concept, commentary or life experience and keep it in a neat little box for others to open and view at their leisure.

I am aware that the lack of direct focus of my posts makes me more general than niche: that notion of what a blog should be to be to be follower-tempting.

This isn’t about followers though. This is merely a not too personal modern day Samuel Pepys. This is about the politics and experiences of life and how I dip and weave around it.

All I can say in the encouragement of others who just wish to blog in order to empty their weary minds, rather than just post about one subject – bloody well go for it. Get cracking. Prove you exist and have a valid set of crazy thoughts too. It is not about the popularity of your blog either – it is about the journey it helps you take.

I’m rooting for you and I don’t even know you.


PS I didn’t bury the cheese (Samuel Pepys reference, no innuendo!)



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