Devastation & Horror at Grenfell Tower Blaze

My country has suffered some bloody awful events in recent weeks and now, today, we all woke to the horror fire in London at the Grenfell Tower block.

Built in the 1970’s and believed to be home to between 400 and 600 people, it staggers belief the actual scale of this disaster. So far, 6 have been confirmed as dead, with that number likely to soar.

e4209319-f645-46d2-baa8-0013d1836c95The blaze seems to have taken hold in the early hours of the morning, when families are in bed. How anyone even made it out alive is a miracle.

I don’t think I can recall a fire this huge in the UK.

Even contemplating the scale of the building itself is mind bending. I work in a 13 story building and the idea that another eleven stories on top of that is how high this place is, is just stunning. How the hell could anyone make it out alive from the upper floors?

Many people have made the connection between Grenfell and the 1970’s disaster film The Towering Inferno or even 9/11 – and not without cause.

One reporter tweeted a picture of a charred piece of homework that had managed to drift out of the building on the thermal breeze. It is a stark reminder that there will very likely be children amongst the dead.

Getty Images

As a mother, that absolutely bloody devastates me. All I can hope that the dead met their end quickly and painlessly and that they now rest in peace.

There is no way to even speculate right now about how the hell a recently refurbished tower block managed to catch fire and for the fire to take such an extensive hold.

There are huge questions that will need answering in the days, weeks and months ahead.

For those who have lost loved ones though, this is the start of a horror and a pain that will never end and never dull.

My thoughts are with the victims, their friends and relatives, the emergency services and the local community who have pulled together to care for the now homeless residents of Grenfell.

When will this relentless horror end? It feels like a bad dream it is that jarring away from reality. I hope and pray that people managed to escape and are able to quickly rebuild their lives.




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