I have a particularly tired soul right now. Although my body is weary as hell, my soul feels so heavy right now.

I’ve cut off Facebook and Twitter – those who care enough about me will contact me via other mediums to see how I am or just have a chat. The problem with social media (there are many problems with it, this is just one) is that it surrounds you in a fake, plastic environment. Without Facebook and Twitter, probably 90% of the people on your friends list/ followers wouldn’t be bothered about what happened to you. Facebook is such a lazy way of being ‘friends’ with people and I think I need time out from that to be around and hear from those who genuinely give a damn about me.

I think I just need to surround myself with positive people, energy and places at the moment.

I’m not a great friend myself right now. I’m too weakened by my own battles to be much support to others – so apologies.

I think I just need to recharge and find some happiness and joy in a more real and personal way that you just cannot get on social media.

Social media has been great for many different reasons, but ultimately, it encourages you to ‘over share’ with people in a way that you might not do or express in the same way as in real life.

I’m also tired of being judged and having to empty my head in a status box all the time. I want to keep my thoughts in my head or within the pages of my diary or in my blog posts or with my beloved.

Even the news – I’m tired of people killing each other and being evil dicks to each other. Can’t we all just play nice? I’m now heavily world-weary too.

I cut off Twitter and Facebook a couple of weeks ago and you know what? I don’t miss it. Not one bit. I feel empowered by the removal of it from my life and intend to keep the social media blackout going… indefinitely. Until I feel like I need to be part of that environment again and I feel enough peace and positivity to find a place for it in my life again.

Peace, light, love and positivity to one and all,


PS My Twitter automatically uploads links to my blog – so it’s WordPress posting on my Twitter – not me.

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