2017 – General Election: Live Updates

My vote is cast, the BBC news is on and the exit polls are counted. I’m live, it’s the UK general election and we might have a new leader of this country in the morning. Welcome to my coverage (until I have to turn in – I have a job of work to do in the AM)….

10:30 Despite not winning a majoroty vote, Prime Minister will be heading off to the palace to ask the Queen for permission to form a government. Can the Queen say no? I think she should – no party should rule without the required number of seats needed for a straight win. Coalition governments aren’t great.

09:45 the hustings are over, the bunting is coming down and now comes to an end another general election. The results show a hung parliament, so everything is still up in the air as the decisions about what to do next are being made.

10 June 2017: Conservatives – setting up a government with the DUP – a bunch of nutters who do not believe in gay rights and think Creationism is real… a desperate and cynical move by Theresa May.  I now have no respect left whatsoever for the Conservative party. I did not mich like them before but this has sealed the deal. I just wish more of my fellow Brits felt the same. 

For the record, I did not vote Conservative.

01:02 More Labour seats won so far and reduced votes for the Tories. There is even speculation that Conservative wins will come at a reduced majority. 

00:30 Also predict that there will be a much bigger turn out from younger voters this time around.

00:26 My expectation or prediction is that Labour will steal more than a dozen seats from other parties, but not enough to win. I think they will do damage, but not enough. Possibly a hung parliament or coalition, maybe? 

00:20 More results trickling in and mainly Labour. However, no surprises. In these constituencies you could chop a voter in half and it’d say ‘Labour’ all the way through like a stick of rock. It doesn’t look like we’re going to see anything significant until around 3am as the bigger seats start declaring. Thereasa May is by no means out of the woods yet – despite predictions that she is more likely to win, *but* without a clear and needed majority. 

23:08 and Labour has it. Safe seat, again. Conservatives are up though, which is a surprise.
23:06 Sunderland has a result….


23:01 Looks like Labour have bagged the first seat and with a nice big majority. Safe seat though for Labour. 

23:00 Newcastle has declared first!

22:40 BBC on in the background, but not paying too much attention. Just speculation at this stage. Just forecasts and guessing. There is little that can be done until the results start to trickle in. 

22.23 I like the idea that the SNP has the 3rd biggest party (according to the exit poll). Scotland is such a big part of this country (literally). 

22.20 My vote was cast in agreement with my 8 year old daughter. We agreed together who to vote for so my vote represents both me and her.

22:10 always fun to watch Newcastle Vs Sunderland in getting the first result in.

22:07 Exit polls: Conservatives have the majority of 314, followed by Labour with 266… these polls have been wrong in the past, but are educated guesses as to how this might go. 


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