Frustrated, Cynical Voter Rant


Bit of a rant, sorry.

The UK will be returning to the polls in June, to pick our new MPs (or keep our old ones) and in turn, select our new Prime Minister.

I have noticed a lot of traffic on social media in support of the Labour Party and a huge amount of Conservative bashing.

The smaller parties, the Liberal Democrats, UKIP and the Greens haven’t really been terribly visible this time. I wonder if it is in acknowledgment of the competition they face from the two largest parties.

I’m neither Conservative or Labour. I support who I conscionably believe will do the best job locally, nationally and internationally.


The problem is, I do not believe in either main party leader – or their gaggle of MP’s for whom I must vote.

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party, launched his manifesto yesterday to much pomp, at the University of Bradford. A slightly cynical and showy move – a rundown northern city that pales in comparison to its richer, more affluent neighbours: Manchester and Leeds. A multicultural, impoverished place that has suffered some significant lack of investment over the years, Bradford seemed the perfect stage. After all, the Labour party itself was formed in a tiny pub in the city centre (now a restaurant) – another hint that they were intending on going back to their roots. The working classes, the poor, the north, the needy…

Labour brought their battle bus in, knowing that the message would be – unlike the Tories – we support the forgotten north and are open to resolving poverty and embracing multicultural communities. As for the University part of this splendiferous show? Highlighting education as a whole, especially Higher Education, which became the means of gaining support for the proposal of the abolition of tuition fees.

Along with the privatisation of everything, it looks suspiciously like Jezza wants us to all to go back to the 1970’s.

That is very chocolate box happy of them.

A bit too sweet for me.

I know I should vote for policy over personality (of which Corbyn has none), however – there is real chance this guy will get in.

Also – this sweeping love affair people are having with him at the moment. Can no-one else see that we are just stuck in a cycle, churning out old behaviours when it comes to politics?

When Blair got in, I remember the country being optimistic, happy, rejoicing. Things Can Only Get Better! They proclaimed. Everyone was fed up of that awful Conservative bunch who did terrible things for the country etc etc.

Then everyone got fed up of Labour and out they came from office after a few year, just as we popped in a coalition government in.

Then we all got fed up with them.

Now we’re fed up with the Tories and everyone wants the Labour party in again.

Hello 1997, nice to see you again.

All these parties promise the Earth. They promise everything that the other party isn’t. They promise to improve the country and undo the damage of that nasty, evil current party….

They have a wish list, not a plan, of the things they promise to do when they get into Downing Street.

Then guess what? The lot of them find that the reality of running the country means that they can’t keep most of their promises. Then the public hates them, feels let down by them, the next election comes along and…. On and on it goes. Round and round.

Labour are not some sort of super hero act. They are not going to save the day. I remember the last time they were in power and it was damaging enough an experience for me to find it incredibly difficult to trust them again.

Whilst I am saying all of this about Labour – the Conservatives aren’t winning me over either.

I understand people want change – I want change, but I am not willing to get it by sticking the wrong people in the wrong jobs.

I am a particularly cynical voter who has suffered under various governments simply because I work for a living and I’m a mother and frankly, I’m bloody fed up of being let down.

Let’s just hope to God that whoever gets in keeps the 30 hours free childcare initiative in place. Paying more than your mortgage out each month for childcare is insane when you are contributing, active member of society.

Don’t even get me started on the whole “if you can’t afford kids, then don’t have ‘em” pile of self-righteous wankery 😡

Anyway… let’s see how this works out and I will leave the drum-beating Labourites to their chanting whilst I try and figure out what the hell to do with my vote.

So far, I’m voting for the ‘Standing at the Back, Dressed Stupid and Looking Stupid Party’ from Blackadder.

Copyright: BBC

Rant over. For now. I am just hopeful that one day we have a political system that is fair, even and honest and I don’t think either of the main two display that right now. I live to be proven wrong.

As with everything on this blog, these opinions I have expressed are mine and no-one elses.

What are your political opinions? Are you fed up of going round in circles with governments being in and out of favour? Let me know on the comments below.

Remember – be nice.


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