Mental Health Awareness Special: 100 Objects Project #22 The Little Stone

I saw an article recently, were people with mental health issues discussed the objects that help them through low periods.

20170510_145516These objects were mostly small and innocuous: a row of beads, a tiny wooden ladder, a cuddly toy… Items that act simply as totems, as guides – pulling them back from a place that is so dark and bleak that it consumes.

It made me consider what my own object is.

I keep mine at work on my desk. Work can get frustrating, upsetting and stressful and a damaged mind like mine can wander a little too far away, catastrophizing & beating me up as it goes.

For these moments, I use a small stone that my older daughter found on the beach at Fleetwood (Lancashire, UK), on 12th September 2012.

Feeling its weight, its cool, smooth surface, helps me to focus. It doesn’t always work, but my little stone always helps in some way (no matter how small) and I would probably be lost without it.

In ‘Mindfulness’, I was taught to ‘experience’ objects – taking note of their feel, their tiny details, their colour and their size. Focusing on the object can help quell a raving, wandering mind and it can help.

So, in honour of mental health awareness month and a revival of my #100 Objects series, I give you, my calming little stone.




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