Train Wreck Comic Relief Cheated Charity Fundraising With Abysmal Show

This year’s Comic Relief felt like one long, drawn out, unfunny joke. The BBC raided their list of at-a-loose-end comics and some ‘well known’ presenters to staff this dire experience. I am still trying to work out who the lass in the silver skirt was. Whatever her day job is, I suggest she stick to it as presenting is not her forte by a long way.

Promo after promo of suchabodies latest album and suchabody’s latest TV series made Comic Relief 2017 one long, irritating advert.

No surprises, no excitement, no fun. The only relief we experienced was when we changed channel to Channel Four’s Gogglebox.

Usually, awful train wreck TV is not something I waste my breath over, but Comic Relief is special. The thing is, the show is meant to be fun in order to inspire people to dig deep and give money to some very deserving causes. I cannot help but feel that if this show had been better as in previous years, it could have raised more money.

I feel annoyed because people were switching off and the opportunities to actually fundraise were being missed. The fun and mayhem of yesteryear seem to have evaporated into nothingness, leaving promotional heavy and often inappropriate material behind.

The irony of the stupid biscuit competition were heaps of biscuits were placed on a table flummoxed me. They were showing pictures of starving, sick children, yet piled up food flippantly before the viewer. Whose idea was that segment? Have they ever even watched the damn thing before??

I’m also cross that I know of many talented producers and directors, performers and writers that are out there and could have made a vastly better job than this year’s pigs ear.

The promotional aspect hasn’t even been that prevalent – I can’t tell you what the Comic Relief song is or who it is by.

It was dismal, unfunny and badly aimed with swearing, innuendo and sexual references being made before the watershed.

Someone greenlit this which is a scary idea. As a mother, I felt uncomfortable with my daughter watching Innuendo Bingo. As a sharp witted 8 year old girl who questions everything, it was difficult to explain to her what things meant. It also looks like other people have thought the same, with Ofcom receiving complaints regarding it.

If fundraising wasn’t at stake, then I wouldn’t raise an objection. I just feel like this year was a complete disservice to the charities that have probably missed out because of this drivel.

After a technical glitch filled segment, Russell Brand seemed to have summed up the night by stating “well, that was painful”. Indeed, it was.


PS Yes, we donated.

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