Move Update

Since we moved house, I thought that I would miss the old one we had moved from. After all, I had lived there longer than any other place I’ve ever lived. It was where I brought two of my daughter’s home to from hospital after they were born. I’ve had good times and bad times there and a lot of things have happened since we had moved in back in 2006.

I’m more excited about the potential for more happiness and positive things happening at the new house.

We were really luck to buy a house that doesn’t really need decorating or recarpeting. It was a rental property before we bought it and it was kept to an exacting standard. The boiler is new, the windows are new and the gas fireplace is modern and gas safe.

I think that we deserve the home we have. We have both worked really hard to get to where we are and it really feels like home, even after a couple of weeks.

Because we only took two days off in order to move, there is so much to do.

A friend of mine is moving house this week and she has a gap of a few days between leaving her old house and then getting into the new one. She text me before to say that she didn’t know how we managed it in a couple of days!

The secret there is that it took six of us seven hours to move us from one house to another.

Slowly, the clumsy hodgepodge of boxes in our living room is reducing, but at a very slow pace. We both work and have kids, so all we want to do when we get in is be parents, eat and sleep.

During the half term holidays, my husband has bravely taken on the box mountain and put together our last piece of Ikea that needs to be put together. I’m hoping that now all the storage we are going to get is now there, we can start more unpacking and then getting rid of the stuff we don’t want.

I’ve never spent so much time on eBay and Gumtree getting rid of our stuff.

Hopefully between us we will get it sorted and frankly, it is going to take months before we are right. I’m just so impatient to be ready and start enjoying my new home. I want it all ready now.

I think I need to just remind myself that we are only human, we have kids and lives and things will just take time.

If you are moving soon, good luck!



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