Twitter Recommendation: 50 Shades of May

If to you Brexit is a dirty word, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

“50 Shades of May” makes the miserable and mundane world of politics, leopard print shoes and leather trousers all mix together nicely.

A naughty innuendo filled gigglefest, this Tweeter recounts the goings on of our Prime Minister, Theresa May.


It looks like the work of the pun powered genius behind Mrs Stephen Fry and 50 Sheds of Grey (the world of sheds and gardening will never be the same again when reading the latter’s account – which is from a boys perspective, in case you think Theresa is only getting an account because of her gender).

In a tossed up, shaken world were Donald Trump is in the most powerful seat on Earth, is brings a bit of a humorous escape.

Treat yourself and give it a follow and let the term Hard Brexit never quite feel the same again.

Follow here



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