Merry Happy Love Day


Valentine’s Day is about saying shush to the world.

It’s about remembering that you have to stop in the frantic, swirling, nerve wracking world you inhabit and just – stop. Stop to remember those you love. Not just your significant other. It is a day for silly, tacky happiness that only flimsy love notes can provide.

It is about being given permission in this busy life we live, to stop and ask yourself – when was the last time I said “I love you”? Not just as a robotic, automated response such as at the end of a phone all or waving someone bye as you trudge off to work. It is about reminding yourself how important those words are for your loved ones to hear and for you to hear coming from you.

There is nothing wrong with feeling silly and immature for a day – being disappointed with not getting a card or feeling giddy when you do get one.

I know there is profit being made out of our humanity on this day – but so what? How is that new? Scowling and calling it a commercialized invention isn’t a great idea, I mean, you should consider that all days and all aspects of our lives are commercialized and invented to derive profit (Easter? Halloween? Christmas?).

The only difference is, today is about love and how many of us have been scarred by love? It is a divisive and scary thing and I can see why people feel upset around this time want to hide behind the commercialism argument. I understand that those in love don’t celebrate it too, for whatever reason suits them.

I just think that, from my experience, when you find love, you hold on with both hands and do not let go. You do not take it for granted either. Because it is so precious to me, all I can think of is that today is a reason, a reminder to say those three words and mean it. Look into my husbands and my babies eyes and tell them I absolutely, completely and truly love them. Not just them, but all of my family and friends, living or passed on. It’s like getting all the love I have for different people and turning it into a big rubber band ball. Today, I’m hugging that ball.

Make out of Valentine’s Day whatever you want to in order to feel comfortable with it. That is up to you. For me? It’s a hush. It is a ‘don’t forget’. It is a knot tied around my thumb. It is an elephant. It is an alert.

Love and make sure those you do love, damn well know it. That they truly understand how precious they are to you. Today is about love and all the ways I love all the people in my life. A little celebration of the best thing in this world.

Happy Valentines Day – whether you celebrate it or not.

❤ ❤ ❤



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