Shopper Saves Parent & Child from Knife Attack

Have a go heroism is often discouraged because it can easily turn very ugly indeed for the Good Samaritan.

Not in this case though.

Whilst in the car park of the Morrisons store on Poplar Street, Failsworth, Manchester, one shopper saw a man pull a knife on a woman and her daughter.

Mr Taylor, upon seeing the terrifying tableau unfold reacted quickly.

Copyright: Bernie Taylor/ Facebook

His wife, Bernie Taylor explained on Facebook: “before I knew it he’d jumped out the car hit him, snapped the knife in his hand and had him pinned on the floor until the police arrived”.

She also added: “[he’s] always my hero”.

After his selfless act of heroism that more than likely stopped a parent and child from being injured or worse, many took to Facebook to congratulate him for his efforts, including this from one user: “With all the negative s**** we see on Facebook it’s nice to read something like this credit where due well done fella. With all the negative shite we see on Facebook it’s nice to read something like this credit where due well done fella” (Michael Sparkes, Facebook).

However, one particular Facebook user had a more personal reason to thank Mr Taylor (via Mrs Taylor’s Facebook post about the incident): “Massive thank-you to your husband, that was my fiancée he saved and my little girl. Many, many thanks. What has this world come too (sic)?” (Andy Campbell, Facebook).

Hopefully Mr Taylor will get further recognition for his bravery. In the dark pit the world seems to be heading towards these days, it is always good to hear tales of heroism.




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